Pioneer Subwoofer 12 inch Champion PRo - TSW3002D4


Pioneer Subwoofer 12 inch Champion PRo - TSW3002D4


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TS-W3002D2 dual 2 ohm, four levels, a long shot coil (1 ohm x or 4 ohm):
TS-W3002D4 dual 4 ohm, four levels, a long shot coil (2 ohm x or 8 ohm):
The TS-W3002D2 / 4 sub woofer is designed to generate very strong music. Please see the super firm structure that was designed to handle up to 3,500 watts. The step-up radial surround for a magnet piled up double for higher power and superior control and a long excursion. I used a built casting aluminum basket for this sub. The monster sub that can process the thing which I want to throw in anything is available when I add IMPP corn of the patent acquisition finished.

Air suspension system
For slight sub woofer of innovative 3.25 inches in depth, as for the pioneer, a main corn and Привод corn made an effective air suspension system in enclosure 70% smaller than before to lock air for the effect such as the spring which moved at the same time. As a result, a powerful wide low tone response is provided in clear consistently. After having used it to hardware more for hours than conventional sub woofer with the "spider" to maintain alining it of the voice coil structure, the dual corn structure of the sub woofer maintains straightness and the reliability of the superior sound. This technique as I cannot believe it is applied to this new generation high output, high-performance sub woofer.

Double tuck top plate
Weight adopted double tuck magneT of 110 ounces and the double tuck top plate which was to bring about the wonderful magnetic energy which I assumed in this double tuck magneT sub which comprised this. By this design, I can control a voice coil during these long excursions strongly surely. This is one of the reasons that can call these high SPL  .

Wide roll three levels fiber radial surround
The surround of the sub plays an important role in the performance of the speaker. It is necessary to do a response equally over the entire circumference without the surround bending at the megavolume level, and doing puckering to do the response of the low tone in clear tightly. Therefore the pioneer made the surround which consisted of the range of fiber which I was made to weave in two levels of urethane and meantime. It is strong and is stable and suppresses the distortion. Furthermore, a linear excursion is provided for a long time by the design that is wider than usual to realize superior control and the firm durability.

Inter-race basalt / carbon fiber reinforcement IMPP corn
I adopted a new basalt fiber technology in slight sub woofer to get a more natural low tone surely. There is rigidity at light weight, and the fiber of the volcanic rock damps enough and even extreme temperature is stable and makes a more eco-friendly corn. In brief, this low tone really shakes.

Casting aluminum basket
This designed dress aluminum basket assembly maintains a motor assembly, a corn and magnet structure from zero by a pioneer well at the predetermined position. The advantage of this design: Improvement of the reduction of the internal stress, superior decrement and the magnetic efficiency.

Dual voice coil
TS-W3002D2 / D4 provides two voice coils of dual 2 or dual 4 ohm each. Therefore, it is much bigger and, using an amplifier of the low impedance, can generate a much stronger low tone. More options, more power: It is all of DVC. The bridge adapter is included to simplify the connection to a single voice coil. It becomes single 4 ohm of the bridge adapter   or single 8 ohm and realizes ultimate flexibility to use it with the latest monaural recording amplifier.

The spoke grill which was designed newly
I recommend that I cover the sub woofer to add this to in UD-G308. When this stylish spoke grill builds a system, it is required adding on, and they provide the appearance of the pure professionalism.
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